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PEAR Insights Magazine

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    PEAR Insights

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    Publishing, Editorial Design, Branding


To publish PEAR Insights magazine, including the initial design, and helping to define editorial content.


The design team set about designing this newly launched publication aimed at the Travel Risk sector, while our qualified journalists helped define the content, which includes news, innovation, and expert industry insights. The newly launched PEAR Insights is due to be published in November 2016, featuring a sophisticated design, splitting the content into easy-to-navigate sections. The content is incisive and thoughtful, focussing on informing the readership by sharing the views of experts, as well as helping to present the magazine as a platform for ‘discussion’ and ‘opinion’.


The aim was for PEAR Insights is to become a viable vehicle for advertising, a publication where a broad range of companies from across the travel industry can feature. This relies on Communicate not only producing a quality product that companies want to be associated with, but also carrying out relevant promotional activities aimed at informing the industry of the launch.



The detailed, in-depth editorial focus, combined with its striking design and quality finish, creates a proposition capable of fulfilling its purpose as being an effective advertising platform and a leading trade magazine in the the industry.