The Sustainability Scorecard

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The Sustainable Development Commission is an independent body of property industry luminaries. One of the aims of this esteemed panel was to provide clarity in regards to the meaning of the golden thread of ‘Sustainability’ and how it influences and informs the governments National Policy Framework.

Having developed thinking over a 15 month period Communicate was commissioned to turn their sophisticated empirical assessment into a consumer friendly website with genuinely valuable outcomes. We were delighted to develop and be part of something that could have a real impact on the future built environment.

The project took 6 months, a team of cross-discipline developers and was not without moments of confusion, conundrum and innovation. This was thoroughly engaging project, technically complex and one which required security and usability at the front of mind. We hope to see the adoption levels across all sides of the divide, the planners, developers, local authorities and wider consumers – initial numbers look very promising.